About Bonnie

Bonnie started quilting 28 years ago. She began taking classes at a local continuing education program which she eventually taught. While not quilting she worked as an RN in Hospice and Pediatrics for 36 years. She and her husband Greg raised four wonderful children. What started as a hobby soon became more. Bonnie began teaching and lecturing in the northeast then on a national level. After trying her hand at many different quilting techniques she found her true love was not just traditional but using a combination of many techniques. Her love for crazy quilting and inability to completely give up traditional quilting led to her unique “on the fence” quilting style. Bonnie likes to take traditional quilts and embellish them with silk ribbon, embroidery, trims, buttons, charms etc. Her quilts are award winning.

Bonnie started making memory quilts soon after leaving Hospice. This became a unique way to help families grieve in a tangible way by using clothing, photos and personal memorabilia to create a quilt that tells the story of their loved ones life.

Some of Bonnie’s other accomplishments include doing an Artist in Residency at a local elementary school where 611 students and faculty participated in the making of a quilt celebrating the town's bicentennial. Bonnie also spent many months teaching a group of women from a local church to create individual blocks representing the different aspects of their church such as hospitality, bereavement, Eucharist, music etc.

Bonnie is co-owner of Log Cabin Fabrics in Selkirk, NY. Her love for all things fiber continues to inspire her unique style of quilting.